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  • The offer includes:
  1. Balinese head massage – a deeply relaxing head, upper back and shoulder massage with warm organic coconut oil with nutritional and regenerating properties both for skin and for hair. Head massage releases "happiness hormones" or endorphins, which improve mood and well-being.
    Price: PLN 200 / Duration: 40 minutes
  2. Body Work by Zamek Karpniki – a gentle relaxing full body massage. It consists of professional techniques compilation enabling gentle stretching of tissue and the joints. The massage has a soothing effect and it improves your health and, first of all, your well-being.
    Price: PLN 250 / Duration: 55 minutes
  3. Therapeutic back massage – offer for people with mild pain or expecting deep relaxation. It is an effective way of improving the condition of muscles and joints. A series of gentle, deep movements in conjunction with stretching of the muscles allows the elimination of muscle contractions and the improvement of joint mobility.The massage will give you effective and stable results in a relatively short time.
    Price: PLN 300 / Duration: 60 minutes
  4. Chinese massage Tui Na – a traditional Chinese massage which has been performed for over 2,000 years. It starts with an intense but very pleasant foot massage, followed by a full body massage including a head massage. During the treatment we use oil only for foot and lower leg massage, the rest of the therapy is done dry with so-called “presura” compression techniques. The Chinese massage stimulates the immune system, relieves stress and fatigue, relieves tension and muscle blocks and improves the lymphatic circulation. Pressure and stimulation of points associatedwith the corresponding organs improve their function.
    Price: PLN 320 / Duration: 75 minutes
  5. Lymphatic drainage – therapeutic massage which helps with detoxication of the body and stimulation of metabolic processes. It is performed with a unique detoxifying oil, intensifying the effect of the massage. It gives both satisfactory detoxifying effects and figure modelling results. Themassage is very gentle and it creates a state of deep relaxation. In special cases (varicose veins, excess hair growth, loose skin) the massage is performed with the help of a thin plastic film which allows the isolation of tissue and it intensifies drainage effect.
    Price: PLN 350 / Duration: 90 minutes
  6. Tailored massage – an excellent, luxurious full body massage, performed on a natural organic oil.
    The therapist, with the help of their hand, reads the client`s body and uses this information to tailor massage to the guest`s needs. The treatment is complemented by a deeply relaxing facial massage, preceded by a thorough cleansing of the skin with natural organic cosmetics.
    Price: PLN 400 / Duration: 90 minutes
  7. KOBIDO facelifting massage – Japanese intensive facial massage that reduces facial wrinkles and improves facial contours. The combination of lymphatic drainage, acupressure and especially lifting techniques brings incredible results and is an alternative to aesthetic medicine.
    Price: PLN 350 / Duration: 70 minutes

    Massage techniques were designed by Karpniki Castle professional massage therapists to satisfy our Guests` needs.

    We are available seven days a week from 8 am till 9 pm.

    Please make a massage reservation a minimum of 1 day in advance, by phone 0048757122140 or by email info@zamekkarpniki.pl

    The offer is available only to the hotel Guests.